Diarrhea :

What is diarrhoea? 
When frequently loose motion(wattery)usually more than three to four times and change in colour and consistency of stool it’s called diarrhoea. 
In diarrhoea peristalsis movement of  intestines is increased so whatever we can eat is not digest well and pass out through out body. 

Sign and symptoms of diarrhoea :
•loose motion.
•shrunken eyes.
•urge to drink more water.
•abdominal pain.
•something unconsciousness.

What are the Causes of diarrhoea ?

•Eating dirty foods.
•drinking impure water.
•used unsafe tachnique while preparing food.
•open cooked food.
•don’t using proper hand hygiene after defecation and other activity.
•in child :,they are not doing hand washing after playing out the door.

Following vedio is good for explaining diarrhoea prevention and treatment. 

Diarrhea prevention:

eat healthy food.
•closed food after cooking.
•drink water after boiling.
•hand hygiene after defecation, after playing, after eating etc…
•while chopped vegetables ,first wash well in water then chopped.

Treatment of diarrhoea :
Due to  diarrhoea loss of water and electrolyte imbalance so, in diarrhoea treatment first restored the fluid is most important. 

At home:

Take one Lemmon and  one table spoon sugar and small amount of salt.
If you have not Lemmon then,
Take only one spoon sugar and some salt.
In hospital :
Check vitals like blood pressure, pulse, and temperature and skin integrety(check skin integrety .
If systolic blood pressure is below 100mm of hg then giving i/v fluid like ringer lactate.
If diarrhoea is due to infection  then give antibiotics like metronidazole and ciprofloxacine also ingection cefriariaxone is useful for treating diarrhoea.
Then give orally ORS and zinc tablets.
How to prepare ORS At Home? 
1.cut ORS packet and empty in utensil
2.take 5 glass or 1 liter water and mixed with ORS powder.
3.stir well and stop while disappear cristels of  ORS powder.
4.check taste of ORS, if it taste like your eye tear then it’s perfect.
5.put cover on the utensil which we prepared ORS solution.
Use ORS solution for 24 hours,after that discarded it.
ORS is used for  electrolyte imbalance and zinc is for boost our immune system and improve heath and growth. Also preventing and treating bowel infection, ear infection, upper respiratory tract infection etc.. 
So given zinc tablet 14days.